moderated Re: Dell laptops freezing or restarting with Jaws

Phillip Gross

Katherine, The first thing I want you to do is to get me your Realtek driver date and version number. I don't want you to remove a driver if something else happens to be the cause of your problem. 

Go to your device manager. In the search box in the start menu start to type in device manager. When it pops up, open it. Hit tab once, and then start pressing s until you get down to sound, video, and game controllers. If it's closed, hit the right arrow to open it, and arrow down to Realtek audio. Press Alt Enter on Realtek Audio. Shift tab once, and arrow over to the details tab. Press tab once. Arrow down to driver date. Press tab once, and get me that information. Then press shift tab, arrow down to driver version, press tab, and get me that information. 

Yu can either send it to me here or email it to me. I don't have the list sending me emails so I may not get back to it right away. My email is phillip_gross@....

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