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Kevin Minor


In Windows 10, CTRL+ESC took me to the search box. Hitting DOWN ARROW gave me a list of all the apps. TABbing didn't take me to a shutdown option.

Kevin, Valerie and Jilly

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control+escape is the old school equivalent of pressing the windows key,
therefore Milton is correct.

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If the laptop has Windows 10 on it, CTRL+ESCĀ  won't bring up a shutdown

To shut down a Windows 10 laptop, do the following.

Hit WINDOWS+D to get to the desktop.

Press ALT+F4 to get to the shutdown options.

Hope this helps.

Kevin, Valerie and Jilly

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Find the Insert key and press F4.

If that doesn't work, press Control + Escape and Tab once and arrow down
to Power, press enter and using the arrow key find shutdown.

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I've just received a laptop with Jaws 2021.

I can't figure out how to shut down the laptop.

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