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Madison Martin

Hi Kevin,

I used to have Pro as well and when renewing my SMA I was told that you only need Pro if you use Jaws for work, otherwise it makes more sense to have the Home version or whatever it’s called. Plus it’s less expensive then Pro to renew your SMA. That’s just what I was told, so if I’m wrong then someone please correct me so that Kevin has the correct info; though I’d hope that since the dealer sells Jaws they’d know what they’re talking about.


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Sent: September 22, 2021 12:35 PM
Subject: Jaws home versus pro



Hello, I’m using the most recent version of Jaws2021 pro. I only use Jaws on my personal laptop. Is there a reason one should use the pro version versus the home version? I know the pro version allows the use of a VPN, network or tandem. Cheers, Kevin

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