moderated Re: Outlook closing with particular key command

Phillip Gross

Hello Robin,

You can up your count to at least four people. That's not the only interesting quirk I've noticed recently though.

When I want to switch folders, I have to hit enter twice on the new folder. So, for example, I want to check my junk folder. I move to the folders list, arrow down to junk, and I hit enter. Nothing happens. If i hit enter again it will open the folder. The same thing happens when I move to deleted items or back to my inbox or whereever. 

I have two ideas worth checking on. Who with this problem has Teams installed? I can't speak for the switching to contacts issue because I just realized I have it, but the pressing enter twice on a folder began sometime after I installed teams last week. Second, microsoft says they release new features of Office 365 slowly to users. It is possible that those of us with this problem have a different build. What build number does everyone have? Mine is 16.0.14326.20404.

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