Re: Jaws 13 and Windows XP Pro?

Tom Lange

Well said. Hang in there, Claudia.


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I use JAWS 13 and XP Pro. For me, as Dave Carlson says, the log-in screen
is spoken by JAWS. However, I know that being part of a network can affect
JAWS' behavior. I have a faint recollection that at some point during my
office life, I had to use other clues to determine when to type in my user
name and network password. I remember listening for the floppy drive to
click in. If there was a lot of noise around, I would rest the tips of my
fingers on the computer in order to feel the change. I doubt you have a
floppy drive, but try to find other clues about the progress of the
computer's booting-up process. It could be that the computer goes quiet,
having done what it can until you trigger the next stage by signing in.

As Dave also suggested, you should encourage your tech staff to contact FS.
You might even call FS yourself to ask if they'd be willing to take the
initiative of contacting your tech people. Be sure to have a name and
contact info ready at hand. FS should be able to help resolve the video
intercept problem you're experiencing. If the particular FS rep you speak to
isn't helpful, ask for Bryan Carver. (This is how he spells his name.) In my
experience and that of others, he is an effective advocate for the workplace
needs of FS's customers.

What model of PC do you have at work?

I had several fights with the tech people at my former office, so I more
than understand your frustration. However, I'm confident you will find the
particular problems you're having can and will be fixed. It's a terrible way
to start a new job, but I hope you will outlast this stage so that you can
soon focus on the work itself.

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Something must not be installed correctly then, because we use the Control
Alt plus Delete method to log in.
However, prior to entering this key command, I am given the prompt that Jaws
for Windows is ready.
But, I do not know when I can enter the Control Alt Delete command.
And, when I am told to, by a sighted person, I still cannot tab through the
user name, password and enter fields.


On 4/17/2012 12:51 AM, Farfar, and Proud of It wrote:
I beg to differ. JAWS 13 will speak during the logon frame in either a
standard Windows logon or on a network-based logon -- those that are
accessed via Ctrl+Alt+delete.

Dave Carlson
Tastefully composed and launched near the Pacific Ocean using a Dell
Latitude E6520, JAWS 13.0.718, and Windows 7 Professional 32-bit

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JAWS 13 does work with Windows XP, except the login screen. If you
want access during the login screen you have to have Windows Vista or
windows 7.
I would recommend they uninstall JAWS completely and make sure that
all Freedom scientific folders are taken out of the program files on
the local drive. It may require a local installation because some
components might need registering with the operating system such as
DLL files. A remote install just dumping files into the program files
directory will not work.
The video intercept needs to be installed before JAWS is installed,
not the other way around.
Hope this helps,

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Does Jaws 13 work with Windows XP Pro?
Also, my employer just installed Jaws 13 on a Dell laptop for me, but
everytime I shut the computer down and turn it back on, we get the
Jaws Video Intercept error. It prompts us to either view, install or
uninstall this component. Of course, we have attempted installation
several times, without success.
The installation of the Jaws wsotware is being done remotely, by the
IT people downstate.
Not sure how to proceed with this.

We also have to log into the system, with our user name and password,
but Jaws does not speak during this process, and I don't know how to
remedy this either.


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