moderated Strange problem of slow and sluggish JAWS 2021 on Microsoft Surface Go laptop.

moiz tundawala

Dear All,
I am facing a strange problem with JAWS For Windows 2021 on my new
Microsoft Surface Go laptop. Although the laptop runs very smoothly,
JAWS gives me a slow and sluggish response when switching from one
file/application to another using the alt tab or control F6 keys. I
get a lag of a few seconds before it starts reading again.
My sister who also has a visual disability is facing the same problem
on her Surface Go laptop as well. Both laptops were purchased last
The problem is an erratic one. Sometimes the laptop is blazing fast
when connected to the charger. Even without the charger, sometimes it
suddenly works fine but after a few minutes it is back to being slow
and sluggish.
We have been in touch with Microsoft and Freedom Scientific, but they
have not been able to resolve the issue.
Can anyone please help?

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