Moderated Outlook closing with particular key command

Van Lant, Robin


Running JAWS 2021 with Outlook 365 on Windows 10 here at work.  I’ve noticed a quirk in Outlook in the last while and just got around to doing some more thorough testing today. Wondering if anyone else can replicate this.


I’ll be working in Outlook.  I will want to go to my contacts to check the spelling of a name or such and so I’ll use Control 3 to move to Contacts.  Immediately, Outlook will close and, if I was typing a message,  I will lose any email message I am in the process of typing. From what I can tell, this only happens if I’m in the inbox and then go to contacts.  If I go to calendar, taks list or back t inbox using the similar keysotrikes, no problem. I doesn’t happen every time, but at least 50% of the time and likely more. Same occurs if I revert back to JAWS 2020, so it’s not a recent JAWS change, but could be an Office update.  I could not replicate the problem when not running a speech program. When I tested with Narrator, it occurred once, but then I tried several more times and couldn’t get it to do it again.   At home I am running JAWS 2021 and the retail version of Outlook 2016 and cannot replicate the issue.


Can some of you on office 365 test this?  Just use Control, 1, Control 2 and Control 3 to move between sections.  As I said, I think I only get the issue if I’m going from the Mail to Contacts.



Robin Van Lant


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