moderated Re: Dell laptops freezing or restarting with Jaws

Phillip Gross

Cynthia, That should fix your problem. If you only remove 1 the headphones won’t be recognized, and if you only remove the other, it will keep trying to download it. That version of the driver is meant to work with MaxxAudio. So the trick is to make sure that Maxxaudio is either removed or just turned off in startup. After that, you replace the current driver with the High Definition audio driver that’s already included in your windows drivers. If you need detailed instructions, let me know, and I’ll get those to you.

Maria, I’m sorry, but I can’t help you with that one. You can take it to JAWS and see if they have a solution. I probably should have done that, but I’m the guy who troubleshoots everyone else’s computer issues and don’t like to ask for help. Yes, it was stupid of me. On their most recent open line podcast, JAWS admitted the Dell thing was a problem, and they said that the only option was the nuclear option, so, basically, what I described above. I don’t know what’s on your Lenovo, what model you have, or if anyone else is having these problems. It might be worth starting a thread with that information. Also check your ram in resource monitor, and see how much you are using as the computer continues to run. What version of windows are you running. Maybe someone can help. If not, take it to JAWS support.

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