Moderated Re: Canada now has the home annual license

David Csercsics <bleeblat@...>

I personally got the annual subscription since I can’t put my usual workload through a 40-minute demo, and I didn’t want to spend twice the cost of a high-end computer to buy a screen reader and then pay for upgrades. Pretty much the only reason I’m paying is because NVDA has really terrible braille support, but I have found a few other features that I like as well. Still a learning curve though as I find it’s hard to find all the things JAWS does, but so far the picture smart and OCR was useful a couple times already. The web navigation is slightly different than NVDA, as it seems JAWS calls things by different names in some cases, and has slightly different quick navigation commands, but I like that I can work without speech and not interrupt my music stream.

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