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Ben Moxey

Hi Anne


A couple of quick tips that I hope will be really helpful to get up and running.


  • As Michael said, the Virtual Cursor should be toggled off most of the time using JAWS + Z. For convenience, you can set it to be automatically turned off for this website using the Quick Settings (JAWS + V) dialog box and turning off the Virtual Cursor under the “Personalised Web Settings” section.
  • Use Alt + Windows key to access the ribbons. You can then add additional keys to go straight to a particular ribbon/feature. JAWS will speak these keys aloud as you navigate the ribbons for future reference.
  • Press Tab to collapse a ribbon, and then use your left and right arrows to explore the features.
  • My favourite for finding features quickly; press your Applications key or Shift + F10 within the body of the document and you’ll notice that the first option is a search box. Start typing the feature that you’re looking for and down arrow to find it. Often quicker than using the ribbon if you can’t remember the key sequence.
  • Use Control + F6 to move through the different sections of the application. Add Shift to move in the opposite direction.
  • Press Alt + Shift + A from the body of the document to access accessibility help.


All the best and good luck!




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Hi Ann. If you're talking about Wordin Google Chrome, I would suggest turning off the virtual cursor by pressing Insert plus the letter Z when editing a document. For Outlook, I would inquire and see if the light version or the "Low band Width" version is available. If that is the case, JAWS should work with this better.



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Subject: Office 365 web version


In her job, my student is using Google chrome to access Office 365.  In word, when I press insert+q, JAWS says that Google Chrome scripts are loaded.  The word keys do not access the ribbon, save a file, or access word options.


The desktop version of office is not an option.  what is the trick to use Office 365 web version.


Thanks mmuch,














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