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For those who wanted a link to the place to purchase in Canada, you are saying to start with the Find a dealer link on the FS site, and it will direct you to Optelec which will take you back to FS to enter the credit card info, right?


I’m not in Canada, just trying to help clarify the info for folks.






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Yes,I am glad for this! I subscribed this month when another podcast informed me about this. I love the braille support, but I’m still trying to figure out how to get the most of all these features. I had no idea there was so much here. I have several questions, so you may get future posts. It was a little getting the subscription, because you click on the link to find a dealer, then that takes you to Optelec and tonight when you get there, you select the home annual license, which directs you back to the FS estore but for Canada. You do need a credit card, though. But otherwise it was quick and easy.

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