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Richard Turner

I'm not clear how you would tell Jaws what links you want read and which ones you don't.
The links you are talking about are great examples of crappy web page creation. They are not using a text tag so all you get is the full URL.

I would try contacting web sites concerning this.

I find it annoying as well, but I am not sure FS is responsible to create a work around for bad web site design.

I find it very annoying when there is a link to a document be it word or pdf, but it isn't made clear in the link, so you end up opening or downloading a document when you thought you were going to a web page. Again, poor web design/lazy coding.

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Yes, and I would like the same thing for links on web pages and anywhere there is a long string of alphanumerical strings.  I feel like I have wasted so much of my life waiting for an endless string to be read only to find out that at the end is a graphic, or the wrong link, or the element is unlabeled.  Very annoying indeed.

On 9/15/2021 12:28 AM, leonard morris wrote:
I am using Jaws v2021. Which settings can I change to try and decrease
spoken long links in Thunderbird email For example:


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