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Ben Moxey

Hey everyone


The way the keystrokes currently work is by design. The read current sentence keystroke works exactly the same as the read current word keystroke. They let you quickly reference the current sentence or word you’re working on without moving the cursor.


The other sentence navigation keystrokes are titled “read prior sentence” and “read next sentence”. It may well be worth suggesting that the read prior sentence keystroke move you to the beginning of the current sentence the first time it is pressed as a user configurable option. This would align with the behaviour of the prior and next word keystrokes.


This is what’s stated in the official JAWS help documentation:


“Additional Notes on JAWS Keystrokes for Reading Text

General Notes

Most of the keystrokes for reading text move the active cursor to the beginning of the text being read. Keystrokes for reading the current character, line, word, or sentence do not move the active cursor. Most of these keystrokes work in all cursor modes. The JAWS and Invisible cursors only read text already on the screen; they cannot scroll a document in the manner the PC cursor or Virtual PC cursor can.”






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Subject: Re: moving cursor to start of current sentence


As has been cleared up, the home key just moves to the beginning of the current line.


If the Jaws keys alt+up arrow, numpad5, and down-arrow say that they “move to the beginning of their respective sentence, they don’t move the cursor.  This should be reported to FS. 

I’m sorry I cannot remember who pointed out, if you do alt+up-arrow, followed by alt+down-arrow, you have the cursor at the beginning of the current sentence.  So clearly, Jaws is moving the cursor on those commands, but apparently not with alt+numpad5.


This is also true in the beta and I will report this.  I think this may have been a long standing bug.






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Subject: Re: moving cursor to start of current sentence



If you press home key you will get to the start.




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Subject: Re: moving cursor to start of current sentence


There is no single keystroke. The quickest way is to do an alt up arrow followed by an alt down arrow, or all down arrow followed by an alt up arrow. That should put you at the beginning of the sentence


On Sep 14, 2021, at 7:27 AM, Mark <mweiler@...> wrote:

I tried your suggestions Jeff. What version of JAWS are you using? For me, on JAWS 2021, alt + num pad 5 reads from the start of the current sentence but does not actually move the cursor to the start.  i'm about to agree with Ben: no single keystroke exists.

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