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Mike B.

Okay, I just experimented with both Notepad and Word using several sentences that were at least 10 words in length.
In both instances the Home key took me to the beginning of the line I was reading / was highlighted, but the difference is that I don't have any line breaks.  Have you tried changing your speech and sound scheme to get the results you want?  I'm using the Word Classic scheme in Word and the Classic scheme in Notepad.
Stay safe & take care.  Mike.
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Sent: Monday, September 13, 2021 5:42 PM
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Mike,  I'm working with Word, although I think it happens in notepad too.    Imagine a paragraph with 3 sentences, each 10 words long. Put the cursor in the second sentence at about 5 words in.  The goal is to move the cursor to the start of the second sentence with one keystroke.  JAWS + h will read the second sentence but not move the cursor.  Alt + Up moves the cursor to the start of the 1st sentence. Home moves the cursor to the most recent line break, which isn't necessarily the start of the 2nd sentence. 

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