moderated Re: moving cursor to start of current sentence

Cohn, Jonathan

This sounds like you are in the laptop mode. I have not used the laptop mode for several years, so I might be slightly off.

1. JAWs+u should move backward a line 
jaws+i should read current line 
jaws+o should read next line

jaws+j should go backward one word 
jaws+k  should read current word  
jaws+l should read next word 

jaws+m should read previous character 
jaws+comma  should read current character 
jaws+period should read next character 

As you can tell this provides most navigation you will need with the caps lock/jaws key and keys that are either on the right hand home row or one position off of it. 
I stopped using laptop mode because my caps lock key does not work as a modifier on my current system.  But I did find this a much better way to edit documents and emails than the standard layout.

On Sep 13, 2021, at 08:46, Mark <mweiler@...> wrote:

When reviewing a sentence and deciding it needs to be revised, I'd like to position the cursor at the start of the current sentence and then find the spot to edit by stepping forward words.  JAWS + Y goes to the start of the prior sentence. JAWS + H reads from the current sentence but doesn't move the cursor.

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