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Richard B. McDonald

Hi Tim and All!

Indeed, no one knows anything about it, and there is no information on the Internet about it. So, I have had to figure things out myself. Attached with this email is a file called " AT&T Cingular Flip IV Accessibility Guide.docx." it is what I have learned so far. I am not sure if this list allows attachments. Let me know if it does not come through.

There are a number of things I should like to learn more about. They include things like reading and editing of text, "quick keys" (e.g., say the battery, signal or other status) and other things. I am about 75% of the way assessing this phone.

Only because I must change my phone am I exploring this phone. My current phone is 3G. I use my phone only for basic things like calls, texts and contacts. More than that and I turn to my laptop and JAWS. I do not need a smart phone. To be sure, this phone is rudimentary. But, if it works for my basic needs then I can save hundreds of dollars! This phone is free.

I hope you and any others will be able to learn more about this phone, and share it with me. I intend to expand on the guide attached here. If the phone is usable, I will put this guide out on the Internet for the world.


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I am stuck in the same situation. I took it to an AT&T franchise location, and they told me they knew nothing of this phone and I needed to go to a real AT&T store. That is a long drive. I am stuck with a phone that I cannot even figure out how to turn on and off.

Tim Ford

From: Richard B. McDonald
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Subject: OT - Accessibility of AT&T Cingular Flip IV


I was sent the “AT&T Cingular Flip IV” cellphone recently because my
old cellphone is soon to be incompatible with AT&T’s network.
Apparently, this phone’s OS is “KiaOS” and it has an accessibility feature called “Readout.”
Does anyone know about this cellphone’s accessibility? Does anyone
know where I can find information about “Readout?” Does anyone know
if there is a listing somewhere of key commands (a.k.a., shortcuts)
that can be used for various functions (e.g., time, status, etc.)?



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