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Ben Moxey

Ah, that’s frustrating too! Yes, my email is registered with the Windows Insider program at the moment because I’ve got Windows 11 on a test machine.


Sorry, the link will only work for Windows Insiders. It’s not possible to share it with all Windows users at this stage.






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Oops, but one thing that doesn't work is if the link was made by someone running an insider version of Windows when they made a given Feedback report, and that does appear to be the case here.  I get a warning that I do not have access, and there is no way to grant access to an "insider feedback report" to someone not part of the Windows Insider program.

The error message clearly indicates the feedback exists, but I don't have access to it.  So in that sense, it doesn't work unless you happen to be a Windows Insider running an Insider Build when you attempt to access it.  Right now, that's not me, and it's not likely to ever be me again, as I dropped out of being an active Windows Insider several years back.

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