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Turning off updates and staying on some 3 or more year old version of Windows 10 is no better than trying to run software which has been unsupported for years and ultimately will lead to nothing but issues.
Nowadays you really don't have too much of a choice but to stay more or less current not just with Windows 10, but also with your screenreader whether that is Jaws or NVDA and also with programs such as Office and browsers.
Sure, if you don't care about security updates and such you could run Windows 7 with Jaws 2016 or something like that and use an old Office version like 2007 or 2010, but even there you are probably forced to use a modern browser as more and more sites will demand it and the fact is that ultimately your hardware will fail and then you are forced to upgrade to Windows 10 and it will be a much bigger deal than if you had changed with the times.

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I use Office 2000, and it does not work well with Jaws 2019 or later, so I keep a copy of Jaws 16 on my computer to load for working with it.
If it is windows 10, it may cripple or even disable the usability of an older office.
I think some folks turn off updates in windows 10 so it leaves their legacy software alone.
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People really have to disclose all information when they ask a
question, e.g. Windows version, screenreader and the version as well
as the version of the application they are asking about.
Office 2007 has been long out of support and is not supported under
Windows 10 and neither is Office 2010. Office 2013 I think still is
although it is probably out of support by now and really nobody should
be using anything except Office 2016 or 2019 as the stand-alone
version or of course Office via a Microsoft 365 subscription as that
one is always up to date. For the most part I wouldn't even try to
figure out why something doesn't work in Office 2007 for the simple
reason that I can't even try to reproduce the issue.

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Hi all.

I am hopeing that what I am about to reveal, and I am really
embarrassed about it, clears up my problem.

I am using Office 7 for all my Excel work and it works fine.

Could this be the reason why I cannot do what I asked about, editing
in cells, has probably confused things??

If the answer is yes, I am really sorry for having you fine folks
working hard to find solution.

If not the problem, will keep on working at it.

Sorry again,


Morey Worthington

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