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Adrian Spratt



I’m glad you and others with more updated information chimed in. I haven’t needed to install either JRE or Access Bridge for years and never on this computer.


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Hey Adrian and all…


That is  a really really old version of Java Access Bridge. It was supposed to be incorporated into Java Runtime Environment after that version, and this was pre-Windows 10 days. So, I would not install this version, which is indeed still available, but instead, download the latest Java Runtime Environment, and see if you can find  the file jabswitch.exe in the “bin” directory.



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Subject: Re: JFW and Java Access Bridge


Hi. I haven’t dealt with Access Bridge for a long time, but no one else has responded so here are what I hope will be a few pointers.


Notes for one of the JAWS 19 releases indicates that JAWS has been updated to work with Access Bridge as currently configured.


What I always think of as Java Access Bridge may have changed its name to Windows Access Bridge. Originally developed by Sun Micro Systems, the last I knew, it was owned by Oracle.


Here are some notes I made to myself a few years ago, so they may not be current:


As Mike B suggested, there is a download link. It's hard to find, but this link should take you to the actual download page:

Note that before the download link is displayed, you must check the box accepting Oracle's license agreement, which appears on that page. Once you've checked it, Oracle will graciously thank you and produce the link. Some arrowing down is required.

Once I clicked on the link, I followed Mike's suggestion of selecting “open” instead of “save.”


To ensure the information is current, maybe Google “Access Bridge,” locate a download link, and install it. It ought to work with JAWS.


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Subject: JFW and Java Access Bridge


Hello everyone.


I am not sure how to solve my problem, but hopefully someone with more expertise than I can point me in the right direction.


I am currently evaluating a music library grooming application called Songkong. It comes recommended by a specialist retailer of premium audio equipment.


When I load, it refers to problems because Access Bridge is not installed. The error reports this, so Windows is telling SongKong that there is a screen reader.


Is Access Bridge a tool for software developers, a utility for end-users or something else. If I download it, what happens to Jaws? Anything else that I should be aware of?


Thanks in advance.





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