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I've read through the posts on this thread but haven't been following it closely. I'll first say that I'm using Fusion 2020 and Excel 2019 and the latest version of Windows 10 Home. And I've not disabled in-cell editing which others have suggested. I'll also suggest that you subscribe to the list by sending a blank email to I think you might get better assistance from that list.

I expect that Chris might be right that this could be a JAWS version issue.

I had no problems editing a cell containing email addresses whether they were in one cell separated by spaces and whether they were hyperlinks or regular text. After pressing F2, I was able to press the home key and cycle through character by character with Fusion feedback. And I used your email address three times in one cell for this test.

Just out of curiosity, do you get a different result when you place one email address in a cell by itself? I'm not a fan of loading up a single cell with a lot of content of any type but I'm not here to debate procedural issues. I'm just curious whether you get a different result with only one email address in a cell and what JAWS says when you put focus in that cell and if editing it is any different.

Alan Lemly

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Hi Ben and all, I am back.

Doing as you recommended, after doing that, went back into cell by using
F2 key, and in there I still cannot get jaws to tell me where I am in the cell. I cannot get it to recognize anything. let alone get it to delete, etc.

Here is what is in cell..Email addresses each followed by a space, then another one, etc.

Example...(, ) then followed by another and so on.

If I have to change a letter in it or even a number, no can do. . Any other thoughts, or as others have recommended, just copy it, do the editing a editor of choice then re-insert it?

I am lost...


Morey Worthington

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