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I just tried this with a field that I quickly entered 4 email addresses separated by comma and a space.
I am using Jaws 2021 with Tom Enhanced, Excel Microsoft Excel Subscription Version 16.0.14326.20238.
I tabbed out of the cell, went back to it and hit f2. I was able to easily arrow left back through the cell (your cursor is at the end of the cell when you press f2) and I was able to jump to the beginning of the cell and arrow right through everything and it wasn't slow at all.
I have the allow editing in cells checked under Excel options, Advanced.

I'm not sure why it works so well for me and not for you all.

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Hi Morey,

OK, I tried a few different scenarios with your setup with Excel. I think it is a problem within Jaws 2021.

I entered 3 email addresses within a cell separated by a comma. I also checked, and the cell format was general.

Using Jaws 2021, I could only get it to read the contents of the cell one character at a time by hitting f2 one time. Sometimes it would not read anything, sometimes it might read a few characters then all of a sudden stop, and like I said, only once did it actually read all of the contents all the way through.

Now I also loaded Jaws 2020 and tried it. You had to move a little slow, but it would read character by character after hitting f2. If you tried moving to fast, then it would just skip that letter and speak the one you were on. But it did and would work.

Now I also loaded and tried Narrator with the same setup. I will say that Narrator probably worked just as good as Jaws 2020 if not better.

The only thing I will ask is did you make sure your window is maximized? I assume that you did this, but thought I would at least mention it.

So if possible, I would consider using Jaws 2020 or Narrator when editing within that sheet.

Sorry I do not have any better suggestions.


On Sep 11, 2021, at 8:46 AM, Morey Worthington <> wrote:

Hi Ben and all, I am back.

Doing as you recommended, after doing that, went back into cell by using F2 key, and in there I still cannot get jaws to tell me where I am in the cell. I cannot get it to recognize anything. let alone get it to delete, etc.

Here is what is in cell..Email addresses each followed by a space, then another one, etc.

Example...(, ) then followed by another and so on.

If I have to change a letter in it or even a number, no can do. . Any other thoughts, or as others have recommended, just copy it, do the editing a editor of choice then re-insert it?

I am lost...


Morey Worthington

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