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Using the Jaws layered command is one option.
If you want to raise the overall volume then there are two additional options:

If you have a keyboard with volume buttons this would be one of the easiest ways, if there are no dedicated volume buttons or on a laptop, often FN + a Function Key will do the trick.
On my Asus laptop FN + F11 is volume down, FN + F12 is volume up and FN + F10 is Mute/Unmute. I often use a Logitech K780 keyboard with my laptop and since it has no dedicated volume buttons or knob, the same key combinations work, furthermore, FN + F7, F8 and F9 are media keys for Rewind, Play/Pause and Forward/Skip respectively.
My mechanical keyboards at work which are from a company called "Das Keyboard" have a really nice round knob on the top right of the keyboard and next to it a Mute/Unmute button and buttons for Rewind, Play/Pause and Forward.

Lastly, if you don't have any buttons you can bring up the computer's volume mixer in two main ways:
1. Bring up the system tray with Jaws + F11, arrow down to your speaker icon, press enter and from the context menu select volume mixer. Then use up and down arrow to change the volume
2. To directly bring up the volume mixer press the Windows Key and type "SndVol" and press enter, this stands for "sound volume" and after pressing enter you again use up and down arrow to change the volume, press enter or Escape to exit after changing the volume.
3. You can create a shortcut for the volume mixer and either put it on the desktop and create a shortcut like Control + Shift + V or put the shortcut on the taskbar, move it to whichever position you want, let's say 2, and then use Windows Key + 2 on the number row to open it. Windows Key + keys 1 through 0 are the Windows shortcut keys for opening applications 1 through 10 on the taskbar and in my opinion are the best option for your most used applications or shortcuts because once on the taskbar you don't have to create a keyboard shortcut and you can open the item from anywhere.

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Use the JAWS layered command INSERT+SPACE then v. Enter s after that to adjust the system volume or j to adjust the JAWS volume. Use the up and down arrow keys to make the adjustment then press Escape.

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Hi all,
Can someone please remind me how to raise/lower the volume on my computer? I can't remember how to do it. Using latest versions of Jaws and Windows 10.

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