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I think it always helps a lot to know more, as you said, is she wanting to "reinstall" Jaws or simply restart Jaws. Normal when you talk about "unloading" Jaws this means Jaws Key + F4, then start it again by pressing a hotkey if you set one up or by typing Windows Key + R and then "JawsXXXX" where XXXX is the version you have, e.g. Jaws2021 without space. You can also minimize to the desktop by pressing Windows Key + M and then type "J" and if you have a Jaws desktop shortcut and it's the only one which starts with J then doing that and pressing enter works.

If she indeed needs to repair or reinstall Jaws, then it certainly would be good to know which version of Jaws she has and is she wanting to reinstall the same version in which case a repair would be the way to go or does she want to upgrade to a newer version.

Anybody who is using Windows 10 Version 2004, 20H2 or 21H1 should really be running Jaws 2021 for best results and of course if you are using Outlook you should be on either version 2019, the full one-time purchase version or have a Microsoft 365 subscription and use Office as downloaded from there.


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When you say unload and reload JAWS, are you talking about removing JAWS from your system and then re-installing the program. If this is indeed the case, you can remove JAWS and then re-install it. This has no effect upon any of the programs you use in Windows.


I myself am experiencing frequent crashes of Outlook which are forcing me to stop and then restart Outlook. I believe this is a problem with how JAWS and Outlook are working (or not working) together. Unfortunately, I’m not able to consistently reproduce the problem so that the folks at Freedom Scientific can reproduce the problem on their end.



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I’m having a lot of little challenges with JAWS. Mail is freezing up, and so are other apps. Other little things aren’t right. I called Freedom Scientific, but the tech support person with whom I spoke said it was a Microsoft issue—especially mail. I thought he was right, but more issues have convinced me that I need to reload a new JAWS. So how do I do it without losing my mail and other programs?




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