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I don't use such pst view that kind but what I have and did before is call
address magic personal plus

it can convert from one format to another. like from hotmail to gmail, outlook to thunderbird and vice versa and many more.
i personally got the paid version a few years back. i use it for work and my own usage at times to help people transfer emails, address book and so on.
Thomas N. Chan

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Sometimes Outlook can't access its own PST files.
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I’ve never used one, but a quick web search found there are lots of free ones.

If you don’t hear from someone who has done this already, you may want to check some out.  I’d certainly run a virus scan on the .exe file before installing or reading lots of reviews ahead of time.


I have always had Outlook, so have had no need for this but it sounds like a very useful tool for folks in your situation.


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Hi, it's Annabelle.

Do any of you guys know what PST viewer is accessible to screenreaders like JAWS? I'd like to find a way to extract Contacts from an Outlook .pst folder without having Outlook on my computer. This way, I can add them to my Contacts folder within Windows. Anybody have any suggestions for me?

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