moderated Re: How to use Find feature in MS Word

Bill White

Hi, Gezim. The first time you use the Find feature in Microsoft Word (CONTROL plus F), it works the same way it always did. What has changed is that, once you have entered a search term into the search box, it is difficult to get the Find feature to search properly. What I do is to make sure the Search pane is turned on in the status line, so that, when you press F6, the search pane will eventually appear. If this is done, you can press F6 until Search comes up, and then remove the previous search term, and enter another search term.


Bill White




From: [] On Behalf Of Gezim Rexha
Sent: Wednesday, September 8, 2021 9:09 AM
Subject: How to use Find feature in MS Word


Hi List,


Could somebody please tell me how to use Find feature in MS Word? My impression is that it has changed from the older versions.




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