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Hello, Michelle Stevens here, I am posting this on behalf of our Coordinator at Deafblind Victoria. 

I work with Deafblind Victoria, a community group run by and for Deafblind people in Victoria Australia.

I set up a Brailliant BI 32 braille display on a Windows 10 machine running JAWS 2021 Professional,   for use by multiple users with different logins. Each user is deafblind and so relies on the braille display output from JAWS.

JAWS has the Brailliant BI set as the default braille display in each user's instance of JAWS. The connection is via USB and the port set in JAWS is USB. The driver being used is the built-in Windows USB driver. The protocol on the Brailliant BI is set to the HID protocol of OpenBraille.

If I turn the computer on, JAWS communicates with the display at the login prompt and then after the login prompt. The problem comes when I switch users. 

At the login for the new user, JAWS stops talking with the braille display sometimes, or if it does display the login prompt, then after login I get the message "Cannot find braille driver".

The work around is to then remove and reinsert the USB cable and then JAWS finds the display and works. However, when restarting the computer, JAWS may not find the braille display automatically at the login screen, thus making the workaround tricky for deafblind users - they do not know if the login screen has loaded.

I have restored the default settings on the Brailliant BI, set the port again to USB and the protocol to OpenBraille, as advised by HumanWare, to no avail.

Is this a bug with a timing issue of JAWS loading the braille driver or am I missing a step?

Thanks in advance for your help,

Ntennis Davi

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