Moderated Trouble with edit fields JFW & Brave


Hi folks,

Does anyone use the Brave browser? I'm using latest Brave with the latest JFW2021 and latest windows10. And I'm having much trouble with edit fields on web pages, especially multi-line edit fields. Jaws will give the appropriate sound and say "Forms Mode Activated", But I cannot read in them and many times I cannot write or erase what I've written in them. And often when I use the arrow keys to try and review text, the focus will jump outside of the text field altogether to the nearest links.

I haven't seen browser behavior like this in literally years.

This only happens in the Brave browser and no other, not Chrome, Edge or Firefox. It does not always happen and not always even on the same sites. It also happens whether I use JFW, NVDA or even Narrator, so it looks more like a brave issue.

Is there something I need to turn off or on in Brave to help fix this issue? I have tried to uninstall and re-install Brave, but no luck. Brave is supposed to be chromium based, but I never had this issue with Chrome.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


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