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Curtis Chong



Not all browsers behave identically. It is certainly more than a simple question of branding. I myself often toggle between Microsoft Edge (Chromium) or Google Chrome with occasional forays into Mozilla Firefox. On my system, Firefox seems to have a problem if, for example, I bring up a list of 600 books in BARD with all of the books displayed on a single page. Google Chrome loads a bit more quickly. Microsoft Edge often generates these verbal alerts telling me that the page is still downloading. Google Chrome does not do this nor does Firefox.


In the end, it all comes down to which performance characteristics you, the user, find helpful and which ones you don’t. Since I do a lot with Google Workspace and Google Meets, Chrome is my “go to” for most (but not all) things.


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Curtis Chong


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Subject: Re: Firefox version 91.2 Jaws2021


Okay I have a question is their a major difference between google krome and say brave or Microsoft edge,  I was under the empression that they are all krome based browsers.


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Subject: Firefox version 91.2 Jaws2021


Hi All

I have firefox version  of 91.2  ,I’m having some problem with jaws  not read some of the website right  when I press f5 key to refresh the page  it took about 2 minute for the page to opens up  so jaws is kind of slow


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