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And both SecureBoot and TPM are listed as requirements for Windows 11 so it would seem obvious that both should be enabled and this is exactly the reason why for the first time Microsoft has set out such relatively strict requirements when Windows 11 is released to the public, if you don't have SecureBoost enabled or if you don't have TPM or if your BIOS runs in legacy mode instead of UEFI or if your chip is not new enough Windows 11 will not install.

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Hi, I was having a lot of issues with my win 10 and needed to reinstall.
But I decided to turn off legacy mode in the Bios and enable secure boot and TPM. Did a clean install of windows 11 insider preview and so far all is good! Settings are way different but in some ways better. After some time I think it will be better than win 10. i

    will update if I have any major issues.

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