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Mike B.

You can also use the Sticky Key feature or change the keystroke, and  if you don't want to use the Sticky Key feature use the steps below to change the keystroke to one that's more accessible for you.
How to change the Jaws Dump and restart keystroke.
The default keystroke is, Insert, Windows key, + F4, & I'm going  to use , Insert, Control, + T, as the example for changing this keystroke.
1. Open the keyboard manager with the keystroke, Insert + F2 & arrow down to Keyboard Manager & press enter.

2. Press, control, shift, + D, for the default Jaws keystroke manager.

3. You are on default so, tab 1 time to get into the full keystroke list.  Now, type the letters, J, A, W, S, & M, and you should land on,
JAWSMemDmp               Windows+JAWSKey+F4       default             Common
4. Open the menu bar with the, Alt key, right arrow to, Action, down arrow to, Change keystroke, & press enter.

5. Inportant: Do not type / invoke any other key or keystroke other than the 1 you want to use!  Press / invoke, the keystroke you want to use.  This means
don't type it but press the actual keystroke you'll want to use for this function.
6. Tab to the checkbox, apply to desktop keys only, & uncheck this box, tab to okay & press enter.  You'll get a message asking you if you're sure you
want to do this so, tab & press enter on, yes.
Stay safe & take care.  Mike.
Just once, I want a username and password prompt to say:  "Close Enough!"

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Change the keyboard layout in jaws to laptop. This will allow you to use the caps lock key as a jaws key also. Nothing else changes that I can tell. 9/4/2021 5:10 PM, clarence carter via wrote:

That JAWS plus Windows key plus F4 is a real hand key. Is there a way to creat a hot key for that or will provoking it just restart JAWS? I did try it and it works.

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If Jaws locks up for some reason the first keystroke you should try is the Jaws restart command which first unloads Jaws and then reloads it. The fact Jaws is gone does not necessarily mean it has completely unloaded so this is always my first option.

The keyboard shortcut is Jaws Key + Windows Key + F4, if you try this in a normal place like when Jaws is running and you are on the desktop or whatever you will find that after about 8 or 10 seconds Jaws restarts. If Jaws has locked up I usually give it at least 20 or 25 seconds to see if it sorts itself out, if not then you can manually reload Jaws.

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Hi Clarence, I use the windows are run command and type in JAWS2021

On Sep 3, 2021, at 8:58 PM, clarence carter via <clcarter@...> wrote:

I have run into a problem with The latest JAWS. When I am moving around the web it will lock up. When I try to restart JAWS with Control-Alt-JAWS it just sits there.

I have put the start shortcut in the properties page, but JAWS just ignores it. The only way that I can get it to come back is to go to the desktop and start it from the icon.

Is there a way that I can reset JAWS so that it can just startup without having to resort to the desktop icon?

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