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Bill White

Hi, Madison. The best way I know to prevent this behavior is,

1. Open Windows Settings with Windows key plus I.
2. TAB to the settings categories, and Right Arrow to Devices, and press
3. TAB to Devices categories, arrow down to Autoplay, and press ENTER.
4. TAB to Choose AutoPlay defaults, Removable drive Combo box, and arrow up
to "Do nothing", and press ENTER.

The down side to this is that, when you plug in your drive, you will need to
use Windows key plus E to go to Windows Explorer, and navigate to your
stick. It won't come up automatically this way.

Bill White

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Subject: USB stick issue/question

I have a USB stick that I leave plugged into my laptop, but lately I've been
noticing that it just randomely comes up. I'll be writing an email or
and all of a sudden it just pops up when I haven't touched it or anything,
used to only open up when I'd plug it into my laptop. I find this rather
annoying, I'm perfectly capable of opening it whenever I need/want to, I
need/want it opening up for no reason. Any idea why this is happening and
what I
can do to stop it (other then not having it plugged into my laptop all the
time)? Using latest versions of Jaws and Windows 10. Thanks for any help,

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