moderated Re: USB stick issue/question

tom x

I also have a USB stick permanently inserted into my desktop which acts as an additional drive. Windows 10 wanted to regularly scan  the new Sandisk 32 gb stick for errors only after about a month. The Sandisk was replaced with a Samsung 32 gb stick and it has been working without problems for nearly 12 months.   

As others have suggested, it would be worth doing a few tests with other ports and sticks prior to replacing the stick.



On 4/09/2021 8:06 am, Madison Martin wrote:
> I have a USB stick that I leave plugged into my laptop, but lately > I've been noticing that it just randomely comes up. I'll be writing > an email or something and all of a sudden it just pops up when I > haven't touched it or anything, it used to only open up when I'd plug > it into my laptop. I find this rather annoying, I'm perfectly capable > of opening it whenever I need/want to, I don't need/want it opening > up for no reason. Any idea why this is happening and what I can do > to stop it (other then not having it plugged into my laptop all the > time)? Using latest versions of Jaws and Windows 10. Thanks for any > help, Madison > > > > > > > > .

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