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Bill White

Hi, Randy. In the Windows Settings App, under Update and security, in Windows Security, under App and Browser Control, do you have Reputation-based Protection turned off? Specifically, the following check boxes being unchecked may make it easier to download files. Also, there is a SmartScreen for Microsoft Edge setting, not only within Microsoft Edge, but also within the App and Browser Settings I am showing below. Having said that, you still may encounter the browser telling you that a file may be harmful, and asking you to "Keep" or "Discard" the file. Below are some of the settings you may want to look at,

Check apps and files
SmartScreen for Microsoft Edge
Potentially unwanted app blocking
SmartScreen for Microsoft Store apps

I have all of these settings turned off.

Bill White

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Subject: Edge blocking downloads.

Hi, am I the only one getting mainstream Big name files blocked all the
time by Edge? I have smart screen turned off and every other setting I
can find that would block downloads or websites.

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