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Hi.  Here's the stand alone desktop application I referred to earlier. which you could use quite effectively.

1.  download and install the application from the given link.

2.  Go to the channel whose video you are interested to download and keep.

3.  Copy the video's  link.

4.  press Ctrl+Escape to get to your windows search box and type Pontes.

5. the application will open, landing you on the edit box that has the link you copied readily pasted in it.

6.  Tab once to the Convert combo box and choose the format into which you want to convert your video. the default is to download the original video as is.  Press the down arrow key until you find the format you want.

7.  Tab once more to download the video as your desired format.  Your download will be storred in C:\Users\Name\Documents\Pontes Media Downloader, which you can readily access through the This Pc window and choosing the Document folder.  If you want to relocate the downloaded items into another folder, press tab once more past the download button before you start your download to the edit box that lists the default location as stated above.  Just delete the default and choose your relocation folder, or tab once more to the brows button to relocate.

Hope this helps.  Cheers!

On 1/9/2021 11:24 pm, Kenny Nikolausson wrote:


I know two web services which do that you request.


In the first one, you can paste a link to both a video or a playlist and then convert the whole one into a zip-file. In the second one you only can paste a video url and then convert it to either mp3 och mp4.

Good luck.

Have a nice day.




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Ämne: Is there an accessible converter for youtube to mp3?


Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew of a program to convert YouTube music and videos to MP3s that is accessible  with Jaws? Most of the ones that I’ve tried have a pretty poor interface for us. Hoping someone has some suggestions out there, I’m looking for highest quality music audio as possible. Thanks very much, Kurt






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