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Bill Tessore

Here’s what I found in the Focus 40 Blue Display User’s Guide:

Typing with Contracted Braille

With BrailleIn, as you type in contracted braille using the Perkins-style keyboard, your input is immediately translated back as normal text in the current e-mail, document, or form. If an application or specific edit box does not support contracted braille, JAWS announces “Computer Braille” when tutor messages are enabled.

Contracted braille input is off by default. To turn it on, do the following:

  1. Press INSERT+F2, and select Settings Center.
  2. In the Search edit box, type "Contracted Braille Translation" without the quotes.
  3. Press DOWN ARROW to move to Contracted Braille Translation in the filtered search results in the tree view.
  4. Next, press SPACEBAR to cycle through the different settings in the Contracted Braille Translation combo box.
    Available settings are Off, Output Only, and Input and Output. When set to Off, you cannot read or type in contracted braille using your braille display. When set to Output Only, you can read contracted braille on your braille display, but you can only type in computer braille using the Perkins-style keyboard on your braille display. When set to Input and Output, you can both read and type in contracted braille using your braille display. The default setting is Off.

Note: Contracted Braille Translation can also be turned on or off using the Translation Options (INSERT+V) in those applications where it is available.

This can be found at:


Bill Tessore

On Aug 31, 2021, at 4:46 PM, Ann Byrne <annakb@...> wrote:

My student wants to know how to input grade II Braille with his focus 40.  Searching the documentation, it looks like you can't.  Failing input, how do you output Grade II Braille?

thanks much,


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