moderated JAWS 2022

Bill White

Just a heads up for those who will be purchasing JAWS 2022. There will no longer be a Settings Migration tool. Instead, JAWS 22 will automatically adopt whatever settings you had chosen for your last version of JAWS. I am personally unhappy about this, because I never migrate settings from one JAWS version to another. Here's what the latest FS podcast says about avoiding that problem.


If you had a previous version, and it adopted those settings, and you’d rather

start clean, or you’d rather import some other settings that you’ve saved someplace else, you go to the Options menu.  You choose Restore Factory Defaults. 

It’ll ask you are you sure you want to do this?  You accept it.  And your settings will be wiped out.  I think JAWS will actually restart, and you’ll get

the Startup Wizard just like you had just done a clean install with no adoption of settings.  So at that point you can do whatever you like.


Bill White




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