moderated Re: Have any of you noticed problems with windows mail since the latest update from Microsoft?

David Griffith


You don’t specify the problem but if you mean that Windows Mail crashes unexpectedly  and sporadically whilst Jaws is running I  have had this problem for months on one Desktop and 2 laptop machines.

I reported this to VFO and they fixed it for one Jaws release but apparently they broke it again in the next Jaws update as the problem has now re-appeared and has existed for several months  again here.

Specifically Mail closes without any error message, often after you have deleted a message from the inbox. This is annoying as if you are working through mail and pressing the delete key I often ended up deleting other items, such as documents in an open file explorer Window or even a desktop shortcut by mistake as I would not be aware that Mail has crashed.

This problem got so bad that I changed delete behaviour on my machines to ensure I had to confirm deletion so that I became more aware of when Mail crashes with Jaws.

Nowadays though, unless I forget I simply use NVDA or Narrator with Mail and the program is rock solid with those screenreaders and never crashes.


Increasingly I find I have to use multiple screenreaders. NVDA is very sluggish with Outlook, Jaws is a bit better, but Narrator is lightning fast so that is often my screenreader of choice with Outlook now.

David Griffith




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From: Shirley Tracy
Sent: 29 August 2021 17:17
Subject: Have any of you noticed problems with windows mail since the latest update from Microsoft?


My topic line says it all. I’ve had other problems with windows and/or JAWS since the update. I am just curious to know if others have had more trouble as well. At first I didn’t notice any trouble—but then it began.





Shirley Tracy



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