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This is a 7th Gen I3 CPU, but as it's an I3 meaning a low-end Intel CPU it may not be compatible.

In addition to the processor requirement you also have to check if your BIOS has SecureBoost and whether it is enabled and whether your system has a TPM (Trusted Platform Module) and that it is Version 2.0.

The Secure Boost setting you can find in System Information and the TPM module information you can check either by typing tpm.msc into the Run dialogue or, a bit easier, by going to Device Manager and them look for "Security Devices", expand it and see what it says, it should say "Trusted Platform Module 2.0".

Apart from that either run the new PC Health Check tool if available yet or just wait and see whether Windows 11 is offered to you in October or November.




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h. here’s the info from belark advisor.

Pasting below.



Ps: has 4 cores or 4 threads.2.30 gigahertz Intel Core i3-7020U


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