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Bill White

Hi, Tom. After logging into a website, and receiving the "save password" prompt, and pressing F6, you should land on the "save" button. Unfortunately, there is no quick way to save the password, such as ALT plus S in Google Chrome that I have found. You must press space or Enter on the save button to get the password to save. Then, if you have a gmail or Google account, it may ask you if you want to save your passwords in your Google account. You must then choose where to save the password, on the local machine, or in your Google account.

Bill White


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Subject: Key stroke in Google Chrome

I have started to use Google Chrome as my web browser. When I go on a
web site that has a password I need, it comes back asking if I want to
save that password for future use. I want to say yes, but I never seem
to get options I can do with the keyboard. When this happens, is there
a key stroke to accept, or can I reject with another one?
It would be good to save some of my passwords on sites I use a lot.
Thank you.

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