moderated Re: NLS Humanware E-reader as a Braille Display

Cohn, Jonathan

Looking at this document, several of the chords mentioned are not the ones I use with my HumanWare Brailliant vi 40 display.
For example to change Braille mode, is space with dots 2,5 while this document mentions chord-M. Several of the items in the listing mention focus features, so perhaps Focus Braille commands are differently laid out than HumanWare one even when they are just Perkins chord commands.
Jonathan Cohn

On Aug 26, 2021, at 3:22 PM, Chris Hill <hillco@...> wrote:

The answer to most of your questions is yes. Here's something that might help:

On 8/26/2021 14:12, Tony Sohl wrote:
Hi we got the NLS e-readers we are testing and they connect very nicely with JAWS.

One thing we h ave noticed, when writing on the keyboard, you have to write in grade 1 braille and can you set this to grade 2 and is ther a back 5ranslator in JAWS to translate the text you write from Braille into rpint?

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