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Ron Kolesar

Hello, to you Betina, from fellow jaws user Ron Kolesar.
Below is a direct link to down load and to install a uninstaller.
What I love about the program is that its simple to install and even easier to use.
So, enjoy the program.
I'm not a expert on the program, but I do use it quite a bit.
My fee is this. SMILES.
I'm lucky enough to remember my scales and chords after taking eight years of piano lessons.
I just can not be one with the piano.
Now with my Alexa system, I haven't touched my poor piano in a long time.
Maybe as one blind person to another you can help me out?
If you place my hands on the keyboard and ask me to find a note and so on I can do that.
But I can get everything by ear except the most important part.
That is that I can't just pick up the notes and chords by ear.
If I could, I think I'd continue to enjoy piano music.
My s elf therapy program w between retiring and putting my first dog from Leader Dog to sleep on May 12th, 2003, and getting my last dog on March 17th, 2004, and putting him to sleep on June 28th, 2017.
I love the Bill Brown learn to play by ear course.
It took me eight years to learn in my opinion is the longest and best piece of music out there, the moonlight sonata in c sharp minor.
What a huge challenge. SMILES.
But enjoy the link that's below, and please reach out to me at:
Now here's the link to down load the program and to start enjoying it.

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Subject: introduction and question regarding accessible program uninstaller with jaws


Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this group. My name is Betina, and I am a piano teacher living in the United States.
I have a question regarding program uninstallers.
Do any of you know a program uninstaller that works well with JAWS? I am using the latest version of the JAWS home annual license.
Thank you for your time.

Betina Vega

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