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Curtis Chong

Well said. I had forgotten that in a galaxy far far away many years ago, I actually made that change.


Thanks a bunch for the reminder.




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On Thu, Aug 26, 2021 at 09:35 AM, Ralph Supernaw wrote:

Is there a setting I can change so that Edge shows up only once if all the windows are tabs I opened with control-enter on links?

Yes.  If you open Windows 10 Settings, then type just ALT in the search box, then down arrow you'll hit the option for Choose what windows and tabs appear when pressing ALT + Tab.  Activate it.

Alternatively, you can just open Settings, System, Multi-Tasking Pane and be in the same spot.

In the Multi-Tasking pane there is a dropdown box under the option, Pressing Alt + Tab shows.  The options are:

  • Open Windows Only (which happens to be the one you want)
  • Open Windows and all tabs in Edge (which I believe is the default setting)
  • Open Windows and 5 most recent tabs in Edge
  • Open Windows and 3 most recent tabs in Edge

The only way you get the "old behavior" is by setting this to Open Windows Only, and many forget that they ever did this after time passes.  But if they've got any recent Windows 10 version and they're only getting Open Windows as part of the ALT + TAB behavior, they did make this tweak at one point in the past after the new default came on the scene.  I can't recall exactly which version of Windows 10 introduced it.

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