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Curtis Chong



Your experience does not match my experience with the new Edge browser. If I open a link by pressing CTRL+ENTER, a new tab is open, and I can use CTRL+TAB to move between the open tabs in Edge. If I venture into another program (such as my email program), Pressing ALT+TAB only shows me one window for Microsoft Edge. This is the behavior I know you are wanting but which, apparently, is not happening for you.


This assumes you are using the Chromium version of Edge. My version right now is 92.0.902.78.


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When I used Internet Explorer I often opened several tabs.  When using alt-tab to cycle through applications IE would show up once.  Now that I am using Edge, when I use alt-tab to cycle through things I have to go through every tab that is opened in Edge instead of Edge showing up once.  Is there a setting I can change so that Edge shows up only once if all the windows are tabs I opened with control-enter on links?


Hope this makes sense.  Thanks for any help.



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