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Curtis Chong



Mozilla Thunderbird is an email program that you run on your computer to send and receive email. It is not an email account.


You are still running Windows 7? This is unfortunate since Microsoft no longer provides any help for this. I can’t do much from here to help you except offer some advice which you are free to ignore.


Sorry can’t be of much more help.




Curtis Chong


From: <> On Behalf Of meow meow
Sent: Tuesday, August 24, 2021 4:20 PM
Subject: email account


hi Rosie here...

I know I did ask this before

that someone  saying about   thunderbird

but my computer won't except it very will it move so slow

my computer is window 7 jaws 2021


and I using window live but it going out and it starting get some problem

and also gmail too it get me stuck sometime

so is there another free email accout run better and easier to use?


I did look up at interenet that saying  por... is free but it not






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