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Adrian Spratt

Here’s one drawback I discovered today. But first, Curtis, thanks for figuring out a solution for this problem. The solution to the one I’ll describe is equally simple, though it wouldn’t have been obvious but for your post.


One way to process Word’s track changes is to press JAWS key+z to turn off quick keys, then press the letter r to move from one revision or comment to the next. With UAI turned off, I still get each revision and comment. However, I don’t get an indication of a change at the beginning of a line.

Why does this matter? In a long document, I can move faster through track changes when JAWS informs me that a line has a change or, when JAWS is silent on the subject, that it doesn’t. when it doesn’t, without reading that line, I immediately go to the next one. In a short document, it makes little difference, but in a long one with hundreds of changes, like the one I’m grappling with now, it’s a big timesaver.


The solution? Turn UAI back on!


The drawback: I have to remember when UAI is helpful and when it’s not, and be prepared to turn it on or off accordingly.


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With UIA turned off, JAWS no longer pronounces the new line character generated when you press shift with return.


So far, that’s the only down side I have seen.




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My sanity is saved!!! 😀

Thanks so much for this.

But, are there any major down sides to turning off this feature in Word? Just curious.


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I can also confirm that the problem an be fixed by turning off the UIA feature in Word.


  • Press Insert v to go into Quick Settings.
  • Search for uia.
  • Arrow down to the actual choice and hit space to uncheck Use UIA in Word365 documents.
  • Pres OK.




Curtis Chong

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