moderated hovering over item on dashboard

kevin meyers

Hello, and route PC to Jaws. I even made sure jaws key and z was on. No matter what I couldn’t get the options under the item on the dashboard to show up. I went to the sites accessibility page and selected visually impaired. Couldn’t tell if it was selected. Went back to the page and everything is the same. Is there a way I can get Jaws to recognize the options below a item on the dashboard?



I’m using the most recent versions of Jaws2021, Windows10 and Chrome. I’m on a site where I wanted to access a option. It is on the dashboard.  I was told by help on the site to move my cursor and hover the item. I do and there no options that show up. I’m guessing they are in a drop down box Jaws doesn’t recognize. I tried using the Jaws cursor, route Jaws to PC

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