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O.Addison Gethers

Hi Chris  Yes Mr.James came by yesterday afternoon  and watc me real good  then that when he told me Addison  there is only one windows key on every keyboard   and didn’t realized that  because my former  computer  instructor  at HKNC  db school  didn’t tell me that !!



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Hi Adeson.


I was wondering if that was the issue and was planning to call you over the weekend. Glad you got it sorted out.




Chris Judge


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Hey Chris

You don’t have to called me again,because  Mr.James  came back over here this afternoon  with another wireless keyboard   but  he told  me let’s go back on the wireless keyboard  I brought from Walmart  last month ago then when I quit the jaws  then he saw me try to load jaws back on  when he saw me press window –r on right side  then he said  Addison  I see what’s the problem  when I had type in jaws2021 press enter the music play   so he stop the music  to cleared up the window screen  then he said  Addison  there is only one windows key  not 2  he said the key that I press on right side was the application  key when he saw me press application –r to type jaws2021  that when the music play  not saying jaws  !!  So he told me  take my thumb to press and hold down windows key on left side by ctrl key  and take my right finger to press letter 4  then type in jaws2021  press enter  from wireless keyboard  it’s say jaws  then he told me to press ctrl key –windowskey-take right finger to press letter q it will say quick windows

So I don’t know what made me think there was 2 windows key  one on left  and one on right 



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Hey Chris 

How are you? I’m OK and hope you are doing Well too. Can you calls me  at (843) 697-4065 ? I’m hard of hearing  and wanted you to listen to laptop  while I on wireless keyboard   because Mr.James thought he has it straighten out  it not when he heard this afternoon on the phone  when I had to plug the desktop keyboard !!

I thought you might  want to hear what is going on  with it.


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