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Dan Longmore

You can use the older method by choosing pop3 setting when you set up your accounts . Otherwise the setup goes to IMAp which allows the mail to remain on the server. If I need to save an e-mail I do a "save as: command and save the e-mail on my local disk. While downloading the mail was nice I find the IMap settings to be easier and give me more access if I need to use more than one device to retrieve mail and it keeps everything in sync.

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Mine do. Sounds like a good Microsoft Accessibility for Office question- (800) 936-5900 then menu items 1,3


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I'm sure this is probably the wrong place to ask, since this list is mainly for JAWS things.
When I used Outlook in the past, I had it set up to where the messages would download directly to my computer and I could save them or read them offline.
Ever since I needed to go to Microsoft Office 365, that isn't happening. I guess the messages stay on the server and are available to me whenever I use Outlook 365 online, but they don't download to my computer like before.
Is this new, and is there a way to go back to the old way?
Sorry for asking so much. I'm just trying to get used to the transition.

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