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They still download, but I think by default only the last 7 days sync to your computer. You can go into your account under File > Info and click on change account settings and you can then drag the slider all the way to 11, it's a bit confusing unless you check with the virtual cursor, but if you drag it right to 11 it basically means it will download everything.

Also, check that Save to this computer is checked.

As answered on another list.

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I'm sure this is probably the wrong place to ask, since this list is mainly for JAWS things.
When I used Outlook in the past, I had it set up to where the messages would download directly to my computer and I could save them or read them offline.
Ever since I needed to go to Microsoft Office 365, that isn't happening. I guess the messages stay on the server and are available to me whenever I use Outlook 365 online, but they don't download to my computer like before.
Is this new, and is there a way to go back to the old way?
Sorry for asking so much. I'm just trying to get used to the transition.

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