moderated Accessing the jump lists in the taskbar

James Benstead

The keystroke WINDOWS + T takes me to the taskbar, and I can then navigate through the various icons in the taskbar using the TAB and arrow keys.

If I'm using the mouse, I can right-click on icons in the taskbar to bring up what Microsoft calls a "jump list" that shows (amongst other things) files that I've recently opened in a given application.

However, if I use the Application Key or SHIFT + F10 to simulate a right click I don't get the jump list; instead I get an old fashioned looking context menu.

How can I access the jump list for a given icon in the taskbar using the keyboard? I know I can use WINDOWS + ALT + n to access the jump list for the icon in the nth position, but what do I do if I've already moved to some icon using WINDOWS + T and the arrow keys?

Jim Benstead
Assistive technology trainer and consultant

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